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Hannah in the Netherlands

The Past

“‘The past is a foreign country,’ L.P. Hartley wrote in the opening line of The Go-Between (1953); ‘they do things differently there.’ This observation applies not only to the collective or societal past but to the individual and psychological past as well: childhood remains – to a remarkable degree – an unexplored territory whose inhabitants have a culture comprising intricate customs and codes that are uniquely his own, seldom recorded or analyzed, usually forgotten in adulthood” (Hutchings, 1994).

Hutchings, W. (1994) Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha [book review] World Literature Today

Thursday, 15 May 2014

I just wanted to see

A boy I saw in Prices Street the other day was looking under the temporary barriers as workmen dug up the pavement. He wanted to see the hole they were digging. His Mum leant on the fence and checked her watch, waiting for her son to have seen enough digging to be satisfied.